What is an advertising co-op?


Advertising co-op maybe something you’ve ever heard before, but you might not really understand what it is. After you can fully understand what type of marketing strategy and advertising, you can use it to get the services you need for your business for free.

What is an advertising co-op?

In the past, co-op advertising is basically when producers translate all advertising campaign fees for retailers or wholesalers, as long as their products are displayed clearly. How can this help you, small business owners or entrepreneurs, today? Instead of operating on the old models of co-op advertising, you can use a new version that is very effective and can lead to you get your ad for free.

Today’s advertising co-op operates on the same basic principles, cutting costs on advertising while targeting audiences for two different entities. This type of ad in the past targets consumers who want certain products and affect them to go to certain stores. Today, you can use a different model in a different way.

New model co-op advertising

In the new advertising co-op model, an individual, independent contractor, company, organization or business will fully plan, regulate, assemble and produce advertising, marketing and promotion for one or more promotion partners. In essence, one leader will carry out all marketing advertising and promotion plans using various vehicles, for the promotion partners they find that will bear the entire amount of costs involved. Organizers must look for promotional partners and present opportunities in an effective way for possible partners, which lead to opportunities where all costs are paid. This makes organizers to enjoy the benefits of promotions that are completely free.

Why does the promotion partner want to cover all campaign costs, while the organizers also reap the benefits without having to pay money at all? Because the organizer does all work. In essence, labor costs and planning organizers are paid for free ads.

How to work free work, marketing and promotion

Organizers are the central part of the C-Op advertising model. The main objective of the organizer is by:

Identification and present effectively for the possibility of promotion partners
Plan the ad campaign that works properly for all partners
Collect all ads
Produce marketing and advertising materials
Design and implement distribution strategies
Implement advertising and marketing plans effectively
The organizer will provide all the above and in turn, promotion partners will cover the campaign guarantee costs. This is a win-win-win situation for all parties, allowing organizers and promotion partners to get what they want, namely quality ads at affordable costs.

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