What is a Certified IAP Provider?

IAP Provider for Fleet Transport Providers

If you are a transport operator and you are not yet involved in the IAP, Intelligent Access Program, then this is something that you should start considering. The government rolled this program out some years ago and it is a mutually beneficial deal which you could get involved with. When you do sign up to work with IAP, it will be done through a certified provider. If you are new to this, here is what the IAP is all about and how a certified provider could help you to get involved.

What is The Intelligent Access Program?-

The IAP was set up in order to benefit the government and to benefit transport providers. Essentially this is a sharing pool of information, data and telematics about road usage. This gives companies greater access to the road network and in return they report data back about the use of the road.

Open Roads

Whilst for many years certain routes would be closed down to heavy traffic, the government recognised that some level of heavy duty usage would in fact be fine. This needed to be managed carefully and this is why the program was set up. Using fleet tracking technology the weight on the road can be easily managed so that the routes are open, and the road is not at any risk. Through your inclusion in it you will be able to gain access to routes which you didn’t have previously.

Why Would This Help Business?

Through the information you would receive from being a part of this program, you can give your business a serious boost. For example, you could increase your payload to deliver a bigger volume to your customers. Additionally you can increase productivity through changing your road operations and utilising different networks at different times. Turnaround times are quicker, fuel consumption is reduced, customers are happier and your profits will certainly feel the benefit of being part of such a program.

Why You Need a Certified Provider

The government recognised that to expect the transport companies to take over full control of fleet tracking software, the sending of data to them and the creation of an extra layer of infrastructure in-house, was not realistic. What they have done to certify a certain number of providers who will act as go-betweens, sending information to and from the government and the transport company. This ensures a much quicker and more efficient service, and it also inspires more companies to get on board with the program.

In return for your inclusion in the IAP, you will not be sending back any information which is regarded as secret or sensitive, but rather information which helps the government to manage the program. This will benefit other transport companies of course, but you too will benefit from the information which they are sending when they form part of the IAP. There are a number of certified providers which you can find directly on the government website.

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