Tips for managing


Tips for managing can help you and your manager work together to complete your work. You might not consider this, but you manage your boss like he manages you.

Manage up

Manage not about flattering your boss into what you want or anything other than you, someone who wants to do a good job and, maybe, go up the stairs. Managing is understanding that you both must fulfill to complete their work. Basically, management is treats your manager like a human than the body in the position you must report. Both of your work will be easier.

In other words, managing is a win-win situation.

Tips for managing: Do’s

Communicate. Listen carefully and pay attention to your manager’s body language. Confirm back that you understand the important points by parafring what you hear. Located on the same page.

In addition to communicating effectively, communicating the right way. There are several different ways that process information. Your manager may be the type who likes to hear first and read later. Or, your boss might want to have a written brief before a meeting or discussion. If your boss wants something in writing in a certain order, get ready. You help your manager help you, even if you process information differently. As a bonus, the memo is also a way to confirm that you are both on the same page.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your manager. Supporting his strength while helping with weaknesses. If you know, for example, your manager is not good at correcting, offering to conduct grammar checkouts before the next meeting. Don’t make it a big problem, but do an offer.

Know what disturbs your boss. Then, don’t do anything, whether they disturb you or not. Even if you think that the disturbance is small, why disturb someone with no need and for no reason?

Be honest and trustworthy. Recognize your mistakes, but also take credit for your success. When taking credit, don’t forget to mention your coworkers who help you with your success. This will help you get lateral support and from the bottom, and impress your manager.

Be friendly in defeat. You will not win all the time. The project you want might not be too important in the long run. However, your positive attitude will be.

Manage your boss: instead

Don’t focus on yourself. Focus not only on your goals, but also the purpose of your manager and department.

Don’t be a Whiner. You don’t want to be seen as people who complain about every little thing. Select your “Ring” carefully. Does the complaint is very important? If you choose to see your manager, make sure you have made several solutions before the meeting. It is important that you sound reasonable than acid. Save notes in your file or plan so you can track how many times you enter to complain to your manager. This might be an eye opener for you.

Never let your boss be surprised. Good news or bad news, tell your manager. This does not mean burying your manager in a memo about every small detail of your activities your day. Send an email with a short update about your progress on big projects if that’s what you want. If it is “surprise,” good or bad, meet your manager.

Don’t forget to know your manager personally. This does not mean that you have to be a bosom friend. But, knowing personal details and talking about time to time humanizing you both. It can also make your working hours more attractive and help develop stronger relationships among both of you.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback informally. Take feedback, good and bad, smile. Ask input on how to increase your negative.

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