Guide to Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting Requirements and Procedures


The Arizona Livescan Fingerprinting Requirements and Procedures section provides information on getting fingerprinted for a background check. It covers the following topics:

  • Background Checks
  • Fingerprinting Process
  • Fingerprint Card Requirements
  • What is Livescan?
  • How to Get Fingerprinted in Arizona

What is a Livescan Fingerprinting?

Livescan fingerprinting is a method of capturing fingerprints electronically by scanning the finger in question. Livescan fingerprinting is a more accurate and efficient way of gathering fingerprints because it eliminates the need for ink and paper, which can be messy and time-consuming.

A Livescan fingerprint scanner captures an image of the right index finger, digitized and stored in a computer database. The process takes only seconds, so it’s much faster than traditional fingerprinting methods.

Livescan fingerprinting simply means the process of recording fingerprints from live people. It is a form of biometric identification.

It is a more convenient, accurate, and faster way to obtain fingerprints because it does not require ink, paper, or card stock.

Background Checks

Background checks are a necessary part of doing business.

Background checks are a necessary part of doing business. Companies need to have a way to ensure that their employees have the right background and qualifications before hiring them. Background checks help ensure that the people we hire will not be a liability in the future and help us weed out those who may not be qualified or would be more of an asset to another company.

Background checks are also becoming more familiar to job seekers looking for work. This is because employers want to ensure they’re hiring someone with all of their qualifications, including criminal history and other records that might disqualify them from employment at other companies.

Fingerprinting Process

The process of fingerprinting allows law enforcement agencies to identify and keep track of people who have been arrested. It is a way for law enforcement to ensure that the same person is not committing crimes under different identities.

Fingerprints are made up of patterns that are unique to each person. Ridges create them on the skin of the fingers, palms, and toes. These ridges form loops, whorls, arches, and lines on the skin’s surface.

Fingerprint Card Requirements

Fingerprint cards are a requirement for all background checks. The fingerprint card is a legal document used to confirm the identity of the person being fingerprinted.

Federal regulations require that each applicant submit two fingerprint cards. One of these cards must be a standard FBI FD-258 card, and the other may be an alternate type of card approved by the FBI.

Law enforcement agencies usually complete the FD-258 fingerprint card, but any person authorized to take fingerprints may do so.

How is a Livescan Fingerprint Different from Other Types of Fingerprints?

Livescan fingerprinting is a type of fingerprinting that provides instant results. Livescan fingerprinting is a process that involves scanning and digitally capturing the fingerprints of an individual to create a digital image of them.

Livescan fingerprinting differs from other types of fingerprints because it can be done on-site, and the results are instant. Livescan fingerprinting has become popular in recent years due to its speed and convenience.

Requirements for the Livescan Process

The Arizona Livescan process is a requirement to get fingerprints digitally scanned. There are two types of fingerprinting services:

  1. One is the standard, where the person being fingerprinted must go to the location and be fingerprinted by an authorized representative.
  2. The other option is for people who are out of state or cannot make it to the location for any reason and can mail their fingerprints in for processing.

The requirements for both options are different, so applicants should review them carefully before deciding which one to choose.

Contact your local law enforcement agency for more information about the process and requirements, or visit

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What are the Steps Involved in the Livescan Process?

Livescan is a process where fingerprints are scanned and sent electronically to the FBI for a criminal background check.

The steps involved in the livescan process are as follows:

  • The applicant goes to a designated place of business, such as a law enforcement agency, and completes an application form.
  • The applicant then has their fingerprints scanned on a machine called an electronic fingerprint capture device.
  • The image of the fingerprints is then sent electronically to the FBI for processing.
  • Once processed, the FBI sends an approval or denial letter to the requesting agency (or individual).

How to Get Fingerprinted in Arizona

Certifix provides fingerprinting services in Arizona.

We provide live scan fingerprinting services in Arizona. Our fingerprinting specialists will come to your location and take fingerprints while you wait. We also offer a mobile service that can come to you and take fingerprints on the spot.

Certifix is a nationwide company that provides digital fingerprinting services in all 50 states, including Arizona.


Is Live Scan Right For You And Your Business Needs?

The Live Scan provides a more accurate and quicker way to identify fingerprints.

The Live Scan is a live scan fingerprinting device that captures fingerprint images electronically.

Live Scan is proper for you if you need to identify fingerprints and an accurate way quickly.

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