Finding Success In Your Remote Job Search


If you are one of the millions of jobseekers who are searching for a new career opportunity, you most likely have noticed that the process is much different from previous job hunts. Besides familiarizing yourself with the basic online protocols of job hunting, such as properly emailing your resume and being attentive of your social media, there are now different online obstacles to overcome. Many businesses are now transitioning their entire interview, negotiating, and onboarding process to remote. This is more efficient and safer in several ways, but it requires more ambition and discipline than ever before.

Stick To A Routine

There are professionals that can thrive despite the circumstances and environment, but some feel more comfortable when there are clear boundaries between homelife and the workplace. Remote work has a tendency to blurs these lines and make it more challenging for some to transition between the two. Therefore, planning and upholding a routine for your remote job search is vital. This might include creating achievable, short-term goals such as updating your resume of LinkedIn profile by a certain date or applying to a set amount of job postings per day. A routine will help avoid procrastination or feeling overwhelmed.

Grow Your Network

Creating and maintaining a solid professional network in your field or industry is also essential. As many businesses transition into a flexible work environment, the opportunity for an impromptu connection ceases to exist. However, this does mean that many professionals in your circle are now more accessible through social media, phone and email. Make sure to keep contact with them on a consistent basis. Take the opportunity to invite them to a Zoom meet-up to discuss industry trends or send over a courteous email asking for career advice.

For further information on how to improve your online job search, check out the infographic below.

Infographic provided by The Jacobson Group, an insurance staffing agency

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