Big advertising build big brands


When you try to build a brand, the greater the better the promotion method, which is why great advertising works very well. Unlike other promotional forms, coming out home advertising is not too affected by the recession. In fact, this is a growing and rapidly growing sector, with all types of large-scale ads into more demand now than before.

Large type of advertising

Great general advertisements are used to describe a variety of large format printing and other ad display forms, including:

Billboard – Usually found on the side of the highway, in shopping and downtown centers, their sole size and attractive design means that the advertising board cannot be ignored. This makes billbolar advertisements ideal for delivering marketing messages to thousands of drivers and pedestrians.

Poster – The oldest advertising form, posters have been used for more than 200 years to promote events and products. They are still widely used today to promote everything from film and tourist destinations to political parties. Poster advertisements are popular with advertisers because of their ability to reach thousands of consumers at a relatively low cost. Some iconic posters campaigns have become legendary, including the “Hello Boys” ad for Wonderbra and recently the Bikini Littlene Klass MyLene Klass poster that stops traffic in Glasgow.

Banner – Ad banners printed on PVC long strips can be used to promote new store openings, places and local services. Their unique abilities to target local audience makes them very necessary for small businesses who want to attract customers in their area. Passing through travelers and tourists often rely on banners to find food outlets, accommodations, events and local tourist attractions.

Wraps building – this is the biggest form of ooh ads, wrap the front and sometimes even the whole building. They printed on a perforated vinyl mesh that allows the wind to blow with our tears or damage the infrastructure. The main advertisers know that no one defeats the building wrap for alone. John Lewis, the official department store provider to the 2012 London Olympics, covered its flagship shop at Oxford Street in a giant building wrap that illustrates the flag of Union to show his support for the English team.

Digital screen – large outdoor advertising display panels become increasingly common, not only in venues and public buildings, but also on the road. Frequently used together with TV ads, they can display ad videos to involve audiences and increase brand withdrawals and awareness. With the development of electronic technology, interactive digital screens will probably be able to offer through consumers unique experiences that will make them engage with brands that have never been before.

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