3 Challenges Facing the Construction Industry Today


The construction industry has seen a lot of growth over the past several years. However, this has also come with its fair share of challenges.  Some challenges that most construction companies face include the rise in labor and material costs. These challenges have also increased competition in the industry and lowered the profit margins. How to remove dust from air is yet another problem facing the construction industry. Other issues include the new rules and regulations imposed and recent changes in the business regulations, and recent tax reforms. Here are the significant challenges facing the construction industry today:

Workers Safety

The safety of workers continues to be one of the significant problems in the construction industry. Over the years, many workers have suffered complications and illnesses acquired from working in construction sites. Keeping workers protected should be one of the main objectives of business owners during any construction project. As a construction business owner, you can do that by using equipment from brands such as BossTek to keep your construction site free of dust. In doing so, you’ll help keep workers safe from dust-related illnesses and keep productivity at an all-time high. Business owners should ensure that they mitigate work hazards by employing safe work practices that are strictly and vigilantly followed.

Labor Shortages

The construction industry is having a problem getting employees for their construction projects. Many of the workers were retired, and some were laid off and found work in other sectors. In most cases, you will find that people who have left the construction industry do not look forward to going back to their worksite. The industry is not attracting enough talent to match its high demand. Studies show that more than 21% of employees in the construction industry are over the age of 55 years compared to the 24 % who are 24 and below.

It is alarming that the tech-savvy millennials are not flocking the construction industry as it has been in the past. The lack of certainty in immigration worsens the problem since most of the labor in the construction industry is from immigrants. On the other hand, construction companies are trying to mitigate this problem by providing in-house training and apprenticeship for their workers. They are also coming up with new programs designed to attract new talent in the construction industry.

Technology Adoption

Unlike other industries, the construction industry is relatively slow in adopting new technologies. Studies have shown that business owners are reluctant to invest in tech over time despite being aware of tech’s benefits for their business. A wide array of technologies can be used to address the different challenges facing the construction industry. These emerging technologies include drones, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, and wearables. These technologies can improve productivity in the industry and reduce the need for human labor in the industry.

Some tech solutions can solve most of the challenges faced today in the construction industry. Those construction companies that adopt the new technologies in the market see more profits and excellent workflow in their job sites.

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